Larry’s Plan



By providing better training, critical equipment and push for a streamlined acquisition process for our men and women in uniform.

reform education

By giving local districts authority to opt-out of Common Core, reimbursing opt-out costs direct from Common Core budget, and push for triple vocational training focus in high school.


By blocking grant funds for underground power lines and funding the Department of the Interior to clear deadfall and fire hazard foliage.

continued tax reform

By lowering capital gains for all income levels, eliminating the repatriation tax, and providing more tax incentives for small business owners.

Put Veterans First

By aggressively reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), funding all possible support to stop the 22 veteran suicides a day, and by eliminating waste in the VA.

Protect the Sanctity of Life

By funding local post-abortion outreach and pre-abortion counseling and facilitate funding by removing 50% of all funds to Planned Parenthood.

Establishing Term Limits

By stopping self-serving career politicians through limiting two terms in the Senate and five terms in the House of Representatives.

support the 2nd amendment

By directly challenging all state regulations directly in opposition to the 2nd Amendment via the 10th Amendment, making the 2nd Amendment our single “gun permit”.

border security

By providing 100% visibility on all border security issues such as the wall, technical support, personnel, and pollution at the border.