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As a Retired Navy SEAL, a Small Business Owner, and a Constitutional Conservative Larry Wilske is running for Congress to continue his service to his country in California’s 50th Congressional District.


Who is Larry?

Larry has dedicated his life to serving our country. Enlisting in 1983, Larry went on to a career as a Navy SEAL, Certified Jumpmaster, Diving Supervisor, and ultimately a Command Master Chief, retiring after 30-years of honorable service. Since Leaving the SEAL Teams, Larry has opened his own Small Business and works as a consultant for military logistics and training support as well as owner and operator of his own charter business.

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Larry’s Plan

Larry Wilske is running for Congress to fight and win for Americans by continuing the President’s work tax reform, working tirelessly with the President to further reform the VA to make its vast resources more readily available to all deserving Veterans and to press for term-limits for those in office.


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